[:tr]Doğal At Kılı Fırçası[:en]Horsetail Brush[:]


[:tr]How does Cellulitis occur? The biggest cause is circulatory impairment. Tissue edema occurs in consequence of the impairment of tissues. Edema causes disruption of communication between blood cells and fat cells, degeneration of fat cells metabolism and lastly degeneration of connective tissue structure, which then causes stiffening. After that orange peel appearance which is specific to cellulitis occurs.

Usage: You can spare 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening and help accelerate the blood circulation and get rid of the cellulitis. Making sure your skin is clean and dry, you must comb the region where has cellulitis from the back of the knee cap to the end of buttocks in the opposite direction of gravity. You will feel that your blood circulation is accelerated and your skin is activated.[:]